Random Thoughts

1. The World is full of nice people.
If you cannot find one be one.

2. It is easy to think positive when everything is positive but quite difficult to keep your thinking positive when everything is negative.

3. Life is not about achieving your goals its about overcoming your weakness.

4. haso jeeo muskurao kya pata kal ho na ho aur kal ho us kal mein hum ho na ho.

5. Anything in excess is always harmful.

6. Self believe is sole criteria for determined success.

7. Not taking risks in life is the biggest risk of life.

8. Some people are too good to identify bad qualities in other people.

9. The value of things is realized before they come and value of a person after they go.

10. When people say they don’t like you, they think nothing but how you are better than others.

11. When we love someone we think of them first before thinking about ourselves.