An unusual Dream


I was walking on a busy road in evening thinking about how things were not going well. All of sudden someone from behind was calling me.I was totally lost in my thoughts. I didn’t realize till when that person came running behind me and patted on my back. My body witnessed a strange feeling as is it was someone very close to me.
Out of fear and suspense look I stopped by and a hot and cute girl came near me and hugged me tightly. For a moment I was in shock because I couldn’t recollect anything about her. And she was in grabbing my waist with both hands as if we are made for each other.
A new feeling , a different kind of feeling was blooming in my body senses and feeling was marvelous. On the other side of mind I was curious to know who the girl was and what was she doing was not right as I don’t recognize her and hugging strangers like this was way beyond question. My thoughts were not too strong and I also lost with her feelings and couldn’t control my self and I also hugged her back and closed my eyes. Not knowing that I might be in grave danger I was lost and my feelings were mixed with ecstasy and seduction on one side and fear of big tension.
I was not aware of what was happening to me. Was I dreaming? After few minutes I opened my eyes I found myself in a hospital like room.I was lying like a dead body. I could barely move my body. People were taking autopsy of my body. A few minutes earlier I was with a strange girl and now like this. What happened to me? How I landed being here?
A few minutes later my alarm buzzed and I found myself in bed and I was all wet due to sweat.


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