Are you listening?


Mr and Mrs Shetty were having their 60th Marriage anniversary.
Mr Shetty was almost 82 years old retired who had lost his job as mill worker.He had brought one slice cake to celebrate their togetherness.

He spent his entire earnings on his only son’s education and marriage. But his son Akshay shetty was not there at the moment. He was enjoying a lavish dinner with his wife and daughter at a 3 star restaurant.

Mr Shetty was at Jeevan Astha old age home with a slice cake and candlelight in room of darkness talking to his Mrs Shetty who was silently remembering to all those memories when they first met.
After every five minutes Mr shetty used to say are u listening?

And still Mrs shetty would give him same old smile and didn’t say anything as she was in peace and Mr shetty was speaking to his wife’s photo.


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