The Hero Inside you


We all grow up watching cartoons and super heroes shows and films.

We all love them and wish if we also had same powers as super heroes do, life would have been pretty amazing.

Superheros are ones who have something special in them, some unique quality that differentiates them from rest of the world.

If God would have Granted you a wish to be any superhero you wish. Which superhero would you choose? If I ask you, which super hero is your most favourite? What would you answer?

If someone ask me , I would definitely be in dilemma as it is quite difficult to choose one from so many and each super hero is different from other. I would have selected best 3 or 5 rather than selecting one.

Every Hero is special in his or her own way.

Some superheroes are from different planets like Superman from Krypton, while some are from earth like Wonder Woman from Amazon and Aqua man from Atlantis.

Many times emmergence of these Superheroes has been due to accident like Spiderman by spider bite, while some become through experiments like Captain America.

Some ordinary person get powers from alien and they also become super heroes like Krishna also known as Krish.

Why are Super heroes so different from others? Whats so special about them that makes them different from rest?

Of course its all fiction but few characters are still imaginable like Batman or Ironman.

Every Hero has his or her own special powers or weapons just like Gods in Hindu Mythology.

Actually we all are super heroes and we don’t need any God’s wish to be like any Super hero. is it possible?

Yes!!!.. It is possible.

Its all about our perception in mind.
Everyone of us is gifted with some quality that no one has.
Super heroes also have the same.
We are also a super hero in a way then right?

Ask your self what is that quality that differentiates